2024 Wedding Trends

As we edge closer to 2024, a fresh wave of trends are sweeping through ceremonies, transforming traditions and infusing creativity into every unique celebration. In this blog post, we will explore five trends that are set to take shape for our 2024 brides and grooms.

Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses and Bouquets

Say goodbye to the uniformity of bridesmaid ensembles and welcome the era of mismatched dresses and bouquets. This trend is all about embracing diversity in colour, style and floral arrangements. Imagine bridesmaids (or even groomsmen) in an array of complementary hues, each wearing a unique dress that reflects their individual personalities. The bouquets, too, are a mix of varied colours and florals, creating a visually stunning and personalised bridal party aesthetic. 

The departure from the traditional matching scheme allows for a more inclusive and dynamic visual experience, turning the bridal party into a vibrant and cohesive group of individuality. 

Seated Bridal Party Ceremonies

In 2024, it is likely we will be seeing less of the conventional standing arrangement and more of bridesmaids and groomsmen taking a seat during the ceremony. This shift reflects a desire for a more intimate and relaxed atmosphere. This trend not only enhances the emotional connection between the couple and their closest friends/family but also encourages a more inclusive experience for all guests. 

Film Wedding Photography

We are entering a time of nostalgia with the resurgence of film wedding photography. In 2024, couples will be embracing the timeless charm and artistic quality of film to complement traditional photography. The distinctive grain and colour tones of film create a visual narrative that goes beyond the ordinary. Film photography captures the authenticity of the moment, preserving emotions in a way that feels both classic and contemporary. Couples will be opting for the unique, warm aesthetic that film provides, ensuring that their wedding album tells a story that transcends time. 

Audio Guest Books

The tradition of written guest books continues to take a dynamic turn in 2024 with the increasing popularity of audio guest books. Imagine reliving the voices of your loved ones as they share heartfelt messages and wishes. This interactive and personal touch adds a layer of emotion to the wedding experience. Guests can record messages that become cherished memories for the couple, capturing the warmth of the celebration in a way that written words alone cannot convey. The growing popularity of audio guest books is a testament to the desire for more immersive and personalised keepsakes. 

Wedding Menus with Thank You Messages

Wedding menus take on a new role as carriers of gratitude in 2024. Couples are incorporating thank you messages into their menus, creating a meaningful and personalised experience for their guests. Each menu becomes a token of appreciation that guests can take home, serving as a lasting reminder of the love and warmth shared during the celebration. This trends adds a thoughtful touch to the reception, turning a practical piece into a cherished keepsake. 

As we anticipate the weddings of 2024, these trends promise to redefine the traditional. From the visual aspect of mismatched bridesmaid dresses to the intimate seating arrangements and the timeless nature of film photography, each trend reflects a desire for authenticity, connection and a celebration of individuality.  

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Image by Stories by Ash. Florals by Kate Dawes Flower Design

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