6 tips for a great summer wedding

Summer weddings are all about warm days, balmy evenings and lots of fun – not to mention that beautiful Summer sunshine! If you’re looking for a way to make your wedding stand out from the crowd this Summer, then look no further because we have curated six amazing tips just for you! 

Choose an Outdoor Venue with Plenty of Shade and Natural Beauty

An outdoor wedding venue with plenty of shade and natural beauty is any couple’s dream come true. Whether the ceremony calls for towering trees to provide a natural canopy or flower-dappled outdoor meadows surrounded by lush greenery, outdoor weddings offer a truly unique experience that cannot be replicated indoors. When looking for outdoor venues, couples should consider the type of shade available in the area – if tall trees are already present, these can easily provide sufficient coverage. If not, look for outdoor venues with strategically placed umbrellas or gazebos to keep guests comfortable without sacrificing the stunning outdoor setting. From manicured gardens to breathtaking views, outdoor venues boast plenty of options when it comes to shade and natural beauty – making them the perfect place to tie the knot!

Consider Summer-Friendly Foods


When it comes to Summer weddings, keeping guests cool and refreshed goes a long way in making the day memorable. An easy Summer menu solution is to opt for Summer-friendly foods like salads and grilled items. Imagine light summer salads filled with fresh and crisp vegetables – the perfect accompaniment to any Summer meal. Fire up the barbeque too if you’d like, and create an array of succulent steak, chicken, fish and vegetables that are sure to please. With cooler dishes like these at your Summer wedding, your guests will be happy and energised throughout the entire celebration.

Think Ahead about How You Can Dress for Weather


When choosing what to wear to a Summer wedding, it’s important to remember that comfort should always be your top priority. For the ladies, a bright and airy mid-length dress or floor-length gown in lightweight fabrics like cotton, linen or chiffon is an ideal choice for Summer weddings. Floral and printed patterns are always a fun option for guests too! For the men, you’ll want to look for an ultra-lightweight unconstructed suit made from cotton and linen blend fabric as it offers texture and breathability that lets you beat the heat without being constricted or uncomfortable. Think ahead about how you can beat the heat of a Summer wedding by selecting light colours and light fabrics – you and those around you will thank you! 


Plan for Extra Time to Set Up Tables, Chairs and Decorations Outdoors


Planning Summer weddings, especially outdoors, can be a daunting task. With the Summer heat and potential for rain, having extra time set aside for setup and decoration is key. Whether it’s chairs, tables or decorations outside, weatherproofing the area is essential. Give yourself extra time throughout the planning process to ensure your Summer wedding setup goes off without a hitch! Extra preparation can make all of the different in creating an unforgettable Summer wedding. 


Include Summer-Themed Activities like Lawn Games or a Cooling Station with Slushies


If you want your Summer wedding to stand out, why not add some fun Summer-themed activities? Lawn games like lawn bowls and giant Jenga are great for getting your guests laughing and enjoying the Summer sunshine. A cooling station with delicious slushies (think a range of syrups and funky shaped cups) will help them stay refreshed on a hot Summer day. They’ll be sure to thank you for bringing Summer elements into your incredible wedding!


Send Out Invitations Early So Guests Can Plan Accordingly


As your popular wedding season approaches, don’t forget to send your wedding invitations early! Guests need enough time to plan their travel and accommodation so sending wedding invitations several months in advance can help with this immensely. If you wait too long to send your wedding invitations, guests may already have plans for that day and have to decline your invitation. Especially during the festive months, sending your invitations early gives you a peace of mind knowing that all of your loved ones are able to join in the celebrations on the big day.

It's Time to Start Planning!

Summertime is the perfect opportunity to host an unforgettable wedding, and with a little bit of pre-planning, it can be truly special. Start by choosing a venue that is beautiful and well-shaded, then decide on food and drink options that will keep your guests cool even in the warmer months. Dress for comfort with light-weight fabrics and plan ahead for how you can make the event come together with decorations, florals, tables and chairs. 

Don’t forget to include some fun and festive activities too – lawn games or a cooling station with slushies are always a hit! Make sure to send out invitations as soon as possible (be sure to hit me up!) so your guests can plan their attendance accordingly. 

At the end of the day, no matter what you choose for your Summer wedding, just remember to enjoy yourself! If you are set to tie the knot in Summer and are in need of some more tips, my inbox is always open! 

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